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Palo Verde Siren Test
November 9th 2016

Need Lots of help

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Sun Valley Hope Animal Hospital and No Kill Shelter is Officially Open!
Nice people, great Care and prices

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HF4B_Butterfly_Beam $125


105 Feet of 7/8' Hardline with ends $150


Amateur Radio Exam
for DeVry

605 form
Download, Fill out and print just the First Page

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My Brother Paul K5PDM

If Trump wins the US Presidential election, it will mark the first time in history that a billionaire will move into public housing vacated by a black family!!!!

FBI: Bank robbery?
 There’s an app for that

California Self Defense

Remember the story of the boy who found $20 and gave it to a soldier?


3rd world space program?

An 8 year old and sex ed! Grab a tissue, you may just laugh so hard you'll cry!

The Star Spangled Banner The history behind the words of the USA National Anthem

National Do Not Call Registry