Palo Verde Siren Test
Wednesday  November

We have 72 sirens to cover this year.

Here is a Program to locate all of the Sirens with Google Maps to get you there and back to the Buckeye Airport.
Just save or send to your phone, tablet, laptop connected to the Internet. The Program is being updated to show the addition and the renumbering of the present irens for next year.

Thank you Guy Cooper KS7GUY


If you are interested in doing the Palo Verde Siren Test please email me, David N7TWT ( and I will put you on the list. I was just informed that there are 58 Sirens. Sirens are added as the population grows and that is why we now have 72 of them. Next year they are suppose to be more siren and it will be a little more difficult to get the Volunteers so please keep that in mind for next year.

The night before, on Tuesday NOV ?th, at 7 pm there will be a short NET on the 146.94 to answer any last minute questions that you might have.  There is no need to check-in unless you have a question.

We will use the 146.94 White Tanks repeater Pl 162.2 with a minus offset for talk in and for the exercise and the 146.52 Simplex as a backup frequency if needed. We meet out at the Buckeye Municipal Airport as early as 7 am at the APS Hangar but it's best to be there by 9 am. The Airport is just 1/4 miles South of I-10 on Palo Verde Rd which is Exit 109 on the West side of the road.  If you are coming from the Sun City Area then you can take Bell Rd. West behind the White Tank Mountain and the road is called Sun Valley Parkway when it turns South and it changes to Palo Verde Rd below I-10. There will be refreshments provided by APS. You will probably need to sign in. From the list of names we will make up the siren assignments. If you  have a favorite one please ask. You will have time to get to visit with other hams. There will be a meeting before you break up into teams

Around 10:30 am the Teams will meet up with the APS team leader and you will be given some paperwork and will be assigned a Siren number and you will be escorted out to your siren. There are 58 siren arranges according to where the population is located in 10 one mile rings around the power plant. Once you get to your appointed siren Please call contact Net Control by using your  Siren Number, first name, then your Callsign. Be sure you use your FCC Call sign to ID you self at the end of your transmission.  If you check in with your siren number first it makes it easier for me to check you off of the list so that I can make sure ALL sirens are covered.

 The sirens will be set off 2 times. Once at Noon and again at 12:30 pm. If your siren did not turn on, then you need to let Net Control know. Some one from APS may go by to check it out before the second time.

There is some simple paperwork to fill out and your APS Team Leader will drive by your location and lead you back to the Buckeye Municipal Airport. If you are comfortable coming back by your self then that is okay also.

Once you are back at the Airport you need to turn in your paperwork. Checking in also let us know that you have returned safely.  There will be a nice catered lunch and a small gift of appreciation given to you by APS. You should be finished by 1 pm or so.


Thank You very much for all of your participation.


I have been a HAM for 27 years and this is will be my 25th siren test. As you can imagine I really enjoy doing this and it is a lot of fun meeting other Amateurs in person and doing public service.

GPS Coordinates
N33 25.230       W112 40.850

Here is a Google map link of the Buckeye Municipal Airport,-112.687798&spn=0.072929,0.184364&z=13&om=1


Here is a Program to locate all of the Sirens with Google Maps to get you there and back to the Buckeye Airport.
Just save or send to your phone, tablet, laptop connected to the Internet.

Thank you Guy Cooper KS7GUY